BENCH – My Yearly Christmas Store

Are you a busy person like me who is out for a total of 13 hours a day inclusive of travel time going to and from work? And during this season you still have a long list of Christmas shopping to do?

While squeezing my writing and blogging after work and trying to sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day. I still managed to complete my Christmas checklist with the help of BENCH.

BENCH – is a Philippine retail brand (bags, accessories, clothing, foot ware and fragrances).  This store really have a lot to offer especially during Christmas season where they have a variety of gift packs you can choose from which is really affordable.   Let me show you some of the items in my Christmas loot.


Now let’s take a closer look on the gift packs I bought:


Daily Scent 6-in-1

Bench Daily Scent 6-in-1 – six small exciting scents that you can give as a set or individually as simple tokens. One idea for this set is use each cologne for 6 days. You’ll surely have a unique scent from Monday to Saturday and just use your favorite cologne on a Sunday. 🙂

Scents included in the box:

  • Indian Summer – yellow
  • Spring Break – green
  • Lazy Afternoon – orange
  • Sunday Morning – light blue
  • Happy Hour – pink
  • Nine to Mine – purple

Amount: 96.00 php


Baby Bench Gift Pack 1

Baby Bench Gift Pack 1 – (100 ml Baby Bench Cologne + Baby Powder + Baby Soap ) – Bubble Gum Scent

Best gift for babies and toddlers, but can also be given to your friends who is a child at heart. 🙂

Amount: 129.00 php


Baby Bench Gift Pack 2

Baby Bench Gift Pack 2 – (50 ml Baby Cologne + 50 ml Alcogel/hand sanitizer + picture frame)

A nice gift for kids already attending school where they can bring the pocket-size baby cologne and hand sanitizer. Also, kids will enjoy placing pictures of their friends or family on the included picture frame. I got 2 sets.

Cologne / Alcogel Scents included:

  • Baby Bench Ice Mint – blue / Sunshine alcogel for kids
  • Cotton Candy – yellow / bratsplash

Amount: 109.00 pesos each set


Baby Bench Gift Pack 3

Baby Bench Gift Pack 3 – (100 ml Baby Bench Cologne + Face Towel) – Gummy Bear Scent

This item is great for teens who are always on the go.

Amount: 130.00 php


Baby Bench Gift Pack 4

Baby Bench Gift Pack 4 – (100 ml Baby Cologne + hair accessories) – Bubble Gum Scent

Best item for cute little girls who like to fix their hair and dress up.

Amount – 119.00 php


Daily Scent Cologne and Powder Gift Set

Daily Scent Cologne and Powder Gift Set – (2 75 ml Daily Scent Cologne + Baby Powder) This set is good for any age. Plus, you can choose from different cologne and powder combination. I got 3 sets.

Amount: 90.00 pesos each set


I was not able to take a photo of the last item I bought but it’s included in the 1st picture. It is a Bench Fix Trio Pack which consist of 3 assorted hair styling gels/clay. Best gift for teenage boys or even adults. The set is only 109.00 php

Total Amount: 1071 php

All sets re neatly packed and all you have to do is wrap it.  But if you are not busy and is still in the mood for DIY (do it yourself) gift set, you can always buy the products individually.  Which is cheaper if sold separately but of course no boxes included.


By the way, Bench stores give out paper wrappers in red and green FREE if you buy their gift sets.


If you want to learn more about BENCH and their products, check out the links below:

Website – Bench Body

Facebook – Bench/ lifestyle + clothing

Twitter – @benchtm

Online Store – Bench/


Feel free to follow my Instagram / Pinterest

That’s it for today! Life s Beautiful so enjoy every moment of it! God Bless!


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